The Kubeflow Community is excited to announce the release of Kubeflow 1.5.1. The Kubeflow 1.5.1 release provides a valuable enhancement to the caching feature of Kubeflow Pipeline (KFP) for any Kubernetes distribution with strict security policies for user application certificates. Caching is one of the crucial features of KFP which enables skipping a step that has already been executed which saves time and money. This release unblocks the caching feature to be used on distributions like AWS, the Mercedes Benz cluster, etc.

Kubeflow 1.5.1 includes the enhancements for the Kubeflow Pipelines cache server and the cert generation mechanism #2165. These enhancements improve the operations of Kubernetes clusters with strict security policies, especially in clusters where non-Kubelet applications cannot create API server type certificates. Kubeflow Pipelines introduced dependency on cert-manager for this enhancement.

A number of Kubeflow distribution providers are supporting Kubeflow 1.5.1. These cloud provider and vendor distributions include additional enhancements and professional support, which many users find valuable. Please find a list of the Kubeflow distribution providers here.

Special thanks to Kartik Kalamadi, Suraj Kota, Kimonas Sotirchos and James Liu for driving this effort!