We’re thrilled to announce the results of the 2023 Kubeflow Steering Committee (KSC) election.

The Kubeflow community has shown a strong commitment to the project’s future by casting their votes for the new leadership. Please welcome Yuan (Terry) Tang (Red Hat), Andrey Velichkevich (Apple), and Johnu George (Nutanix) who will be joining Josh Bottom (Consultant) and James Wu (Google) as KSC members. The three new members will serve a two-year term ending in 2025, beginning immediately.

The election saw a turnout of 72.88%, with 43 out of 59 eligible voters participating. The three nominees were chosen from a pool of candidates, which also included Kimonas Sotirchos, Julius von Kohout, and Mathew Wicks.

This election represents a significant step forward for the Kubeflow project. We extend our deepest gratitude to the interim KSC members and the election officials for their service and to all those who were nominated and participated in this election. We eagerly anticipate the contributions of our new leadership and what we can accomplish as a project moving forward.


“Excited to start my two-year term on the Kubeflow Steering Committee on behalf of Red Hat! Thanks to everyone who’s supported me along the way, and congratulations to all the new committee members. Johnu, Andrey, and I have collaborated on various Kubeflow subprojects for many years. I look forward to working with them and the rest of the committee more closely. Kubeflow is an umbrella of projects that provide an excellent foundation for AI/ML applications in the cloud-native world. Its contributor velocity, community momentum, and industry adoption have proliferated. Together with the Kubeflow community, ecosystem projects, supporting organizations, and partners, I am confident that we will steer the project towards a successful CNCF journey and continue thriving.” - Yuan (Terry) Tang (Red Hat)

“I am thrilled to join the Kubeflow Steering Committee for the two-year term. Being an active member of this community for almost six years, it was great to see how the project evolves towards open governance and widespread user adoption. Thanks to everyone for your support, collaboration, and contributions throughout these years. Kubeflow stands as the foundational framework to run AI/ML workloads on Kubernetes. It bridges ML, Big Data, and Cloud Native ecosystems to facilitate a new generation of AI applications. Kubeflow components empower users at every stage of ML lifecycle from model development and training to fine-tuning and deployment. I am excited about the future of CNCF and Kubeflow together, to build an open CloudNative AI/ML platform accessible to everyone.” - Andrey Velichkevich (Apple)

“I am really excited to join the first Kubeflow Steering Committee formed post CNCF incubation. Kubeflow is one of the most popular enterprise-ready MLOps platforms used in production at various companies. It has become the de facto platform to run complex ML pipelines, managing model lifecycles on a large scale. Having been part of Kubeflow leadership since its inception, it is delightful to see its growing ecosystem proving its relevance in the current times. Thanks to the entire Kubeflow user and developer community, who have immensely contributed to its success over the years. I am excited to drive the future of this vibrant community and look forward to the next phase of the Kubeflow journey in the CNCF ecosystem.” -Johnu George (Nutanix)

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